Here are just a few of the comments made from audience members* from recent RetroVertigo shows:

Retro Vertigo is a top-notch band, very professional and great musicians. The music was great and everyone loved them -- the dance floor was full from the time they started playing until they stopped. We wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

My wife and I are still talking about your band! We told all our friends about you. It's too bad you don't have a CD out because you sing a lot of songs that sound better than the originals. We are retired and normally not much into the loud and wild music, but we had a BLAST listening to you guys! You were just GREAT! When you come back in October we will be right there having a BLAST listening to you again. Your Fans, Bill & Debbie

Great night at Wild Wings, brought back some awesome memories. I was actually a little horse Sunday from singing so much, that's when you know you're having fun.

I had no idea when I got to Wild Wings on Sat night that I would have soooo much fun. You guys are fabulous...and make me miss G'ville even more!!!

You guys rocked Wild Wings! I think I am offically addicted to Retro Vertigo!!!

Last night was awesome as usual guys!!!!!!!

Ya'll were Awesome today in Powdersville !!!!

Great show, as usual!!!!

Great last show of 2009!!! Didn't expect any less. Cant move today from all that dancing....Cant wait to see what you guys have in store for 2010...Merry Christmas!

Great show! All of us girls had a great time. See you next year

Hey I was at the Wild Wings tonight in Harbison! I just wanted to let you guys know that you are totally amazing! I loved every minute of your set! I also would like to thank you for mentioning my name among the many birthdays that you had, and for noticing that we were there for like 6 hours! We actually only stayed so late so that we could see the second half of your set! It was great! Made my Birthday soooo much better! I will definatly be coming back to see you guys again!

I guess you saw I could not get off the dance floor. OMG! I Loved bringing people onto the floor. How could they NOT??? After all, they are in the “house” with Retro Vertigo!

Once again – you guys totally Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cannot say it enough.

I saw new stuff you guys had added to the show- very nice and Rockin’

Everybody that I have spoken with has had nothing but great things to say about the band. You guys are really awesome! Are you planning to be around in 10 years? If so, we’ll book you again for our 30 year reunion.

It was a fun night! You guys are awesome!


"We love to see y'all"


"You guys are awesome!"

"We've now seen y'all about 4 times! You guys are getting better and better!!!"

"You guys are SSSSSSSSSSooooooooooooooooooooo Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Much better than all the great things I had already heard."

"Best 80's cover band I've ever heard."

"Loved the show!"

"Y'all are great!"

"Sounded Awesome!"

"Fantastic Set!"

"You Rock! Thank you!"



"Rock On!"

"Bad ass band...yeah!"




I was very impressed. I haven’t stopped talking about it. That was one of the best nights I’ve had in Greenville in a long time!

Great Band!

Ya'll sounded great. Everyone I was with made the same comment. The video show, as expected, was awesome as well. Very professional! I thought the break dancing was very well done. He must have practiced quite a bit back in the 80s. I was impressed!

Thanks for the blast from the past!

Ya'll's set is getting really tight and the visuals are great. Quite a show. You've really separated yourselves from the pack I think.

You Rock!!

You guys were totally awesome, in the most rad of ways. Dude! It was great!!!

Great Music, 3rd time hearing you since fall for Greenville!!

I thought the video stuff was real cool. It seemed to flow well through the show.

I think that was the best show I have seen you guys do. Great energy and you could tell everyone was having a blast!

Watchin' the mouths dance (of the crowd) with every song

You guys put on an amazing show!

You're Awesome!

Several people from work came out and told me how good you guys were. One girl I work w/ actually has a degree in audio engineering from Miami U. and said y'all sounded very tight.

You guys are awesome!!!


Great show Friday night!

I just wanted to thank you guys again! You made the party and made Stephanie’s birthday very special for her

I saw you guys last night and you were incredible!

* Most of the above comments were taken directly from our email list signup sheet. The others were emailed to us.